Dec 3, 2014

Mohabbat 1985 Love Story DVDRip HD X264 Eng Sub For Anil Kapoor

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Mohabbat 1985 Love Story DVDRip HD X264 Eng Sub 
For Anil Kapoor
Anil Kapoor...Shekhar
    Vijeta Pandit...Roopa Choudhury
    Amrish Puri...Choudhury

    Amjad Khan...Gamma Pehalwan
    Aruna Irani...Shakuntala Choudhury
    Shakti Kapoor...Atmaram
    Shubha Khote...Shekhar's Stepmother
    Asit Sen...Groom's Father
    Shammi...Choudhury's Mother

Shekhar is in love with Roopa and would like to marry her. Roopa is the only daughter of Choudhury, the apple of his eye, and he agrees to get her married to Shekhar. Shekhar informs his parents, his dad, and his stepmother, and together they all go to Choudhury's house to finalize the marriage. At this point, Shekhar's stepmother asks for a hefty sum as dowry, which the Choudhury is unable to afford, and thus the proposal for marriage falls flat, with the Choudhury vowing that he will get his daughter married elsewhere. Shekhar is disgusted with his stepmother, and leaves home and comes to Choudhury and attempts to convince him to reconsider, but Choudhury is adamant, and goes ahead to plan his daughter's marriage with Atmaram, leaving both Shekar and Roopa devastated, and unsure what plan of action to adopt
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